“Every other day, my grandfather would wake up early and go to the bakery to get pastelitos, croquetas, café con leche and tostada. I would eat them before I got on the bus to go to school”

Chef Gio Fesser, Pastelito Papi

Neither Pastelito Papi nor his grandfather could have known that pastelito nostalgia would come together with technique picked up in professional kitchens to give rise to a Miami institution.

When Chef Gio Fesser teamed up with Ariete’s Chef Michael Beltran to create an innovative head cheese pastelito for a food festival, the process got him thinking about the possibilities. After loads of research, he was determined to show Miami how far he could take the idea. Pastelito Papi was born. 

With five Miami locations carrying his signature creations, event appearances and off-site catering, Pastelito Papi is raising the bar and reimagining the staple pastry of Cuba and Miami.